Indian Ocean Trepang story began with a close partnership with the University of Toliara – IHSM (Madagascar), and the University of Mons (Belgium), whose researches have made it possible to control the life cycle of Holothuria scabra from fertilized eggs to adults and to develop in vitro fertilization of various sea cucumber species.

The Research & Development Department of Indian Ocean Trepang is intimately linked to these universities, who:

  • Carry-out research programs related to sea cucumbers and their habitats
  • Tutor Masters’ and PhDs’ students, and
  • Promote the development of new eco-friendly aquacultures that have a direct impact on coastal communities (e.g., algoculture, holothuriculture, coralliculture).

If you have a research project you think could help the cultivation of Holothuria scabra or other sea cucumber species, get in touch!