Indian Ocean Trepang partners with coastal communities to develop their capability and capacity to farm sea cucumbers. Together with our local partners, we provide communities with the equipment to set-up their first sea pens, technical training, sea cucumbers juveniles supply and a guaranteed and secured selling channel.

IOT currently works along 150 km of coastal shoreline with 5 villages and 180 fishermen families impacting the lives of around 600 people.

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Tulear, Madagascar

Since inception in 2011, Indian Ocean Trepang has been working with communities in Tulear vicinity, a small city on the South-West coast of Madagascar. Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world with 22 Million inhabitants (as at FY2016); its population doubles every 15 year.

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iMPACT within communities

We entrust fishermen coastal village communities to grow - in their own sea pens - sea cucumber juveniles to adult size, which:

  • Provides them an additional income on top of their traditional fishing activity, which is decreasing due to the depletion of the wild stock;
  • Enhances the status of the women, since they very often are the ones carrying this activity;
  • Enabling better access to education since this income would first be dedicated to children’s education;
  • Leads to the local economy growth.